Project Studies

Our remarkable teams of experts qualified to provide all technical consultations for project. We are fully aware of the significance of objectivity and how it impacts the study credibility for potential investors and lending institutions. Therefore, we take all necessary precautions and procedures to deliver objective unbiased information upon which decisions can be based. Our integrated feasibility studies cover all aspects of the project including:

1. Transportation Logistics and Economics Study

Choosing the best plans for roads and different transportation methods (railway, electric train, tram, trolley bus, …etc.), to have optimum connection/communication/economical solution for transportation networks, reviewing economic evaluation for different solutions to select the optimum solution.

2. Energy Study

Showing the most suitable energy generation technique for projects taking in to considerations the economic and environmental dimensions.

3. Environmental Study

It measures the impact of all project parts to the environment, population health and sustainable development. In order to select the best solution with environmental friendly basis.

4. Technical Study

Determining the outline of technical standards for each project component according to the country environment and their citizens’ needs, habits and culture.

5. Human Resources Study

This study should analyze human resources needs for the project and the current capabilities and skills of individuals required to fit in all project components. Then a professional plan should be set and executed to upgrade the skills of all individuals to be up to the needed standards of the project. The study should indicate also the impact of upgrading human resources skills on the professional capability of delivering project components in the future.

6. Marketing Study

Conducting market surveys to identity the actual market needs for the different projects, and the estimated sales value and payment terms based on the income. Also, we determine the most suitable marketing techniques and methods to convince local citizens to interact and be positive with the project.

7. Financial Study

Preparing adequate cash flow and finance plan to avoid blocks in cash while covering the loan payment. Analyzing the risks for different types of delays at contractors’ side in execution and at citizens’ side in payment. Conducting Sensitivity analysis of different factors to the project (change in materials price increase, instability of currency exchange rate, change in citizens’ income, … etc.)