Project Coordination

One of our main missions is to be your trustworthy consulting agency. We have the required experience of international business to manage relationship with project stakeholders for protecting your country interest. We are qualified to conclude agreements and maintain communication between our customers and all related stakeholders of project implementation including investors, contractors, suppliers, vendors and service providers..

Additionally, we are experienced in doing the business action plan for the project with all its steps and details. Our professional consultants will make sure that your business plan is sound and ready for implementation so you can continue to focus on running the project.

Our project coordination services include:

1. Contracts Management

  • Designing or reviewing contracts with all project parties to best serve the interest of our customers.
  • Following up the execution of each contract made between our customers and other parties.
  • Handling and controlling conflicts between different parties of project implementation at the earliest stages to avoid any potential loss.

2. Communication Facilitation.

  • Distributing required information related to project activities among stakeholders to guarantee implementation efficiency through building appropriately common understanding between them.
  • Organizing cooperation and integration between different stakeholders to contribute to a successful project outcome.

3. Project Action planning

  • Conducting the business action plan for your project to guarantee the right initiation and successful completion.
  • setting the goals, deadlines, actions required to be accomplished while running the project, with considering the initiatives that may involve investors, suppliers, service providers and other stakeholders.

4. Execution Support

  • Interfacing with Project Management for updates to scope, issues, risks, progress, changes and budget impacts.
  • Identifying and highlighting opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed during project development
  • Assisting in resolving scheduling and technical issues in order to make sure that project milestones are delivered on planned time without delays.