Contracting Management Consulting

We will serve as customer advocate to protect his interest in projects and achieve its goals efficiently, through providing the following contracting management consulting services:

1- Contractors Evaluation and Selection

Hiring the appropriate contractors for project is a vital part of the construction process. We approach the best practices in our selection process to eliminate all possible project risks related to budget, delivery time and quality. We protect our customer interests by reviewing and verifying contractor applications for payment along with any claims that may arise. Our decades of construction experience allow us to assist our customers in the following:

  • Identifying and gathering project requirements
  • Designing and managing project contracting tenders
  • Determining selection criteria of contractors
  • Assessing and validating contractors’ references and financial position

2- Contracting Administration

We provide comprehensive oversight to make sure the project is constructed according to our customer plans and specifications. We provide special consultation to conclude the awarded contract. Our experts define the scope and level of services with key agreed performance indicators.

In order to prepare the draft contract even before selecting the contractor(s). During project implementation, we review the contract regularly, in terms of both the services being provided and changed legal or processing requirement including change in scope or contractor’s personnel.

3- Cost Estimation

Regardless the detailed cost report submitted regularly by the different project parties, it’s critical to develop your own standardized cost reports that summarize critical cost data relevant to the project. Without an unbiased standardized project-level report, it is difficult to track cost trends and variances on a level that is meaningful to the overall completion of the project.

We perform detailed cost estimate reviews at various stages of the design process. We also review and evaluate capital and operating cost saving measures, using our extensive knowledge and experience to provide an added value service to your country.

4- Claims Management and Avoidance

Proactive claims management begins during preconstruction and continues until a project is successfully completed. Our preconstruction analysis includes a detailed review of contract documents, contract schedule, change orders and directives, requests for information, and pertinent correspondence. Knowledge of issues on prior projects allows us to focus on areas where potential for early resolution is greatest.