Construction Supplies Sourcing Management

We have premium access to top level suppliers and vendors all over the world which gives us the ability to provide wide combination of supplies and facilities with controlled specifications and quality. Our long experience in construction field enables us to identify the right balance between quality and cost in mega projects. We can be a main supplying hub in projects for the following:

1. Materials Sourcing

When it comes to quality construction materials, we are specialized in bringing all natural and manufactured substances from reliable suppliers with competitive prices and accurate delivery timing. We can source wide variety of building materials and supplies that will meet exactly all project needs. Whether you are looking for specific requirements or requesting alternatives to overcome technical issues, we are acquainted with the professional suppliers that are ready to meet your demands effectively to the end of project implementation.

2. Equipment Sourcing

Whether you’re looking for a single piece of heavy equipment or outfitting the entire project, we analyze the project requirements and fulfill them successfully. We provide our customer with deep and accurate international market insights that can support your decision for renting or purchasing different equipment. We follow up with suppliers tracking and resolving all issues related to equipment shipping, logistics, warranty and maintenance.