Our History

We are specialist team having more than 28 years of experience in construction. We started in 1989 by establishing Tiba Consulting Engineers to work in the field of construction engineering consultations in Egypt. Our passion and persistence made us exceed the local market and go global. We cooperated with the leading international contractors and handled hundreds of projects worldwide with diversified scales and complexities. In 2004, we decided to enter the field of procurement and supply through establishing Tiba Engineering and Trading. We focused on supplying constructional, industrial and medical materials and equipment in Africa and Middle East. We built a worldwide network of suppliers and vendors that enabled us to source and equip many different projects with controlling the cost and quality proficiently. We succeeded to have a wide range of remarkable customers with more than 850 projects all over the world.

As per our competent services of engineering consultation and sourcing, we built great business relationships in many countries in Africa. We became comprehensively aware of the business nature in these countries, and highly experienced with their needs, challenges, and opportunities. We realized the need for a link ring that can bridge the gap between foreign investors and African countries. Therefore, we established Tiba Business Development in 2015, to be fully dedicated for providing integrated business solutions and services in Africa in the fields of infrastructure.